The Worst Kind of Break-up

The worst kind of break-up is the one you have no say in. Not the raging argument that leads to a screaming “Fuck You,” breakup; not the sad, resigned, “I love you but this isn’t going to work,” breakup; not even the “neither one of us are happy so let’s stop pretending,” mutual breakup. Nope.

The worst one is the one you have no say in.

The one where she’s leaving before you’ve had the chance to fully process that she even wanted to leave you in the first place. The one where your world gets shattered before you even knew there was a crack in it. She’s saying she doesn’t love you anymore and you don’t even remember the last time you had an argument. That’s the worst kind of breakup. The one where you thought you were both happy, and you had no clue that only one of you was.