Pand.AI 2018 April — current

Full-stack Software Engineer

Primarily revolves around frontend engineering


  • Designed and built administrative portal, a full featured SPA dashboard to manage and monitor chatbot users, statistics, conversation histories, manage knowledge questions and answers and broadcasting messages
  • Built and maintained various internal micro web applications inside each chatbot.
  • Set up automation tools to improve and expedite the CI workflow, set up linting, testing and test coverages.
  • Technologies used: React, Redux, Redux-saga, Reselect, Recompose, Styled-components, Python, Flask, Mongodb

ARTO Gallery 2016 May — 2018 March

Full-stack software engineer

Employee No. 2


  • Helped build the core recommendation engine for artworks based on users' impressions, likes, dislikes
  • Consolidated disparate artwork data from different galleries and online gallery partners
  • Built the backend content management system for Content Providers to import their artworks
  • Adopted test-driven development and influenced other developers to write tests
  • Built backend APIs for use by the ARTO iOS application
  • Wrote a custom Chromecast receiver for displaying a screen-saver gallery of artworks on Chromecast devices
  • Wrote a chrome extension that displays a random artwork at every new tab
  • Technologies used: Celery, Django, Python, JavaScript, React, MySQL, RabbitMQ

MediaPop 2015 May — 2015 November

Software Engineering Intern


  • Integrated with Instagram API to import photos for a social media campaign
  • Built a cross-platform hybrid mobile application for an internal cooperate social network of a client's company
  • Technologies used: EmberJS, PhoneGap, Cordova, Python, JavaScript, Django, SASS

MediaPop 2014 May — 2014 July

Software Engineering Intern


  • In charge of building Mindef Navy Careers site (
  • Worked on various tasks ranging from backend system architecture to frontend client side interactions
  • Technologies used: Python, Django, JavaScript, NodeJS, Wintersmith, LESS, jQuery

Odeon Consulting Group 2011 November — 2012 July

Software Engineering Intern


  • Helped develop a web application that maps and analyzes Orangutan population
  • Worked on various tasks across different client's projects
  • Technologies used: Python, Django, JavaScript, PostGIS, OpenLayers

Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) 2011 Feburary — 2011 April

Developer Intern


  • Wrote shell scripts that
  • - intercommunicates between different systems and servers
  • - automates the monitoring of servers
  • - analyzes log files and triggers warnings when necessary
  • Technologies used: Unix programming, Bash, Python, sed, awk

Rangoon Mapper 2017 February — Present

Founding Developer


  • Designed and implemented open source single-page application to plan your transit and commute in the city of Yangon.
  • Optimized the route planning algorithm to consider walking distances, number of services transfers., etc
  • Built with React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Python, GeoJson, Google Maps, Mapbox, SASS, ImmutableJS

tetrisAI 2015 January — 2015 April

Team of 5


  • Developed an AI based on heuristics based genetic algorithm which can clear lines in a single Tetris game.
  • Was one of the best AI in the class, that scored up to 5 million lines more.
  • Built with Java

xcalibur 2015 January — 2016 January

Team Lead, Team of 5


  • Developed a source code static program analyzer for SIMPLE programming language
  • Analyzer can accept SQL like queries to query information of the source code
  • Built with C++

athena 2015 January — 2016 January

Founding Developer

A chrome extension for word definitions lookup in Burmese language

National University of Singapore 2012 — 2016

Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science

Republic Polytechnic 2009 — 2012

Diploma with Merit in Information Technology

Proficient in

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java

Had some experiences with

  • C++
  • PHP
  • OCaml
  • Typescript

Dabbled with

  • Haskell
  • Prolog
  • Kotlin
  • Coffeescript

Web Development

  • React
  • Ember.js
  • Django
  • CSS3
  • Node.js
  • SASS

Htet is one of these rare people that has a self-driven interest in computers that lets him accomplish pretty much anything without any supervision and accomplish it well. He's attentive to feedback and asks for it when he needs it, reads a lot of both online and dead tree literature, and can grasp concepts that are far beyond his practical experience.

He has both breath, depth and strikes a healthy balance between quality and speed in his work. So whatever his future brings I know he will be highly valued on the merits of his work.

As a personal note even though he works hard, he's a pretty chill introvert with a sense of humor, and will be pleasure to be around for anyone.

— Kit Sunde, CTO @ Mediapop, (